The most powerful reasons why seniors choose hemp

Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that interacts generally with the receptors of the system endocannabinoide (system of neurotransmission present in zones and different tissues of our body). Due to this, and thanks to the different studies that have been made, many products based on hemp have arrived at the market in benefit of people’s health.

 One of the populations that takes advantage of the benefits of hemp are seniors, who are those that more diseases and ailments suffer and need to improve their quality of life and, by all means, their health.

 Some of these benefits are listed below:


Hemp can help control pain


It is probably one of the issues that most afflicts adults; almost everyone has to deal with pain and inflammation. Research says that about 50% of the senior population in the United States suffers from arthritis and between 75% and 85% suffer from chronic pain.

Research indicates that hemp can significantly reduce inflammation and symptoms of conditions such as joint pain, arthritis and even multiple sclerosis.


Hemp helps to improve bone health


The years go by and with them the health condition gets worse, in some cases faster than in others. Bones naturally suffer deterioration and conditions such as Osteoporosis occur, which consists of a loss of vital minerals, resulting in fragile and brittle bones.

The hemp is a powerful solution, because, besides helping to reduce the inflammation, it promotes the cellular repair. Also, there are research that demonstrate that the hemp can help to the process of healing in case of injuries.


Hemp improves the quality of sleep


Insomnia is a condition that affects people of all ages, however it is more common to find this type of pathology in older people who see their sleep cycle altered by medical conditions and even prescription medication.

Sleep plays an important role in people’s state of health because it helps flush out toxins and restore the body.

When the seniors suffer from these types of conditions, they turn to sleep medications, which are usually not beneficial in the long term. An alternative such as hemp is a natural and safe option for balancing out the sleep cycles.



Hemp combats addiction


The health conditions that people develop throughout their lives often force them to take medication for life. However, some of these medications can have repercussions on other illnesses and also create dependency.

The hemp can help to improve the conditions that imply a harmful medication and to curb the dependency to those medicines.


Hemp promotes a healthier heart


The American College of Cardiology stated that heart disease is the most common condition among seniors and the leading cause of death. Not surprisingly, more than half of all seniors in the United States suffer from high blood pressure. 

According to recent research, hemp is an effective solution for treating high blood pressure. In addition, hemp helps reduce heart inflammation and reduce cell death caused by oxidative stress.

Take advantage of the properties and benefits that the hemp can bring for your health. Our products are natural and THC-free and can make a significant difference to your health. Before trying any hemp treatment, consult your doctor.